Engineering preparatory program

The preparatory program is a common course cursus for engineering training and is preparing students to pursue engineering sciences.
During this cycle, the training is particularly focused on the basic knowledge and know-how whom constitute the foundation on which is fixed and build later, the engineering cursus.

The preparatory program course

Unlike conventional preparatory classes, the program of our integrated preparatory course includes a strong practical dimension through technological learning, group projects, openness to the world of business and the strengthening of foreign languages.

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Admission requirements

Must be a crack in mathematics and physics to become an engineer? Not necessarily. The engineering profession requires, undoubtedly, a strong science culture. For this, our integrated preparatory cycle program takes a particular oriented pedagogy upgrading scientific capabilities of our students. Our admission requirements are not based on the marks of science subjects obtained at baccalaureate but more about motivation and candidates potential.

To apply, you must meet the following conditions:

Access to the first year of the preparatory cycle:

  • Hold a scientific, technical or technological baccalaureate;
  • Successfully complete the admission test (national applicants);
  • File Review (international applicants).

Direct access to the 2nd year of preparatory cycle:

Be holder of a certificate of completion of the first year in one of the following institutions:

  • Engineering schools (accredited courses);
  • Preparatory school or BTS;
  • Science Faculties.

File Review including (baccalaureate, baccalaureate transcript records, certificate of completion of the 1st year after baccalaureate, BAC+1 Transcript);

  • Interview validation prerequisites.

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