Organisation de la 2ème édition du congrès international PROLOG


After a first edition in Metz in France, the International Congress “Project and Logistic” (Prolog) was held at the International University of Agadir on 5 and 6 May 2016 with the participation of 60 international researchers. The plenary sessions were marked by the participation of four international renowned Speakers Gest. The first conference was moderated by Professor Michael BOURLAKIS, from Cranfield School of Management, under the theme “Sustainable Supply Chains: The Role of SMEs”. His contribution focuses on the results of a survey he has led on a sample of 997 companies, with the aim to measure the performance level of each actor in the Greek food supply chain in relation to its size.

The second conference was moderated by Professor Stephane TYWONIAK, from SupDeCo Group of La Rochelle, under the theme “Complex Project Management”. He presented two illustrations of a complex project: the restoration project of the “Sargada familia” and the project of building a Franco-Australian submarine.

The third conference was presented by Mohamed BEN OUDA, CEO of SNTL group under the theme “the Future Value Chain: Which model in 2025?”.
The 4th intervention was that of Professor Amar RAMUDIN, Director of Logistics and Humber Development Institute in England. His presentation focused on the consideration of logistics in hospitals in order to reduce costs weighing down the budgets of the ministries of health.
The last communication from this plenary day was moderated by Dr. Ros CAMERON, from Curtin Business School in Australia, under the theme “The Use of Mixed Methods in Project Management research”.

This first day sparked a fruitful discussion that covered several recommendations:

Morocco, and specifically areas with agricultural production should continue in line with coalitions between producer, cooperatives, packhouse, and distributor to better manage the export channels;The need to manage differently projects without rejecting the traditional bases;The success of a complex project requires to become comfortable with discomfort;

Thanks to its strategic geographical location, political stability and its logistics infrastructure in full development and utilization, Morocco will enjoy the dynamics experienced by Supply Chain and the new international economic context;
Cross Docking the establishment to reduce storage costs and labor force in hospital logistics chain;
Universities and training centers must necessarily ensure hospital logistics courses.
Remaining part the program has been the organization of a doctoral consortium with the participation of a dozen doctoral students before entering the parallel sessions that were attended by more than 50 researchers from nine different countries.

During the closing evening, it was announced that the 3rd Edition of Prolog will leave La Rochelle in France.