Modelling of a transport problem combined with the bin-packing problem: Case Study of a Moroccan company.

Publication date : 01-12-2015

Development of a maintenance policy of a medical device whose degradation is influenced by the use.


Publication date : 01-12-2015

10ème édition de la Conférence Internationale CPI 2015, Tanger, Maroc.

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Entrepreneurial situations : Definition and interest for research in entrepreneurship

Publication date : 01-05-2015

Numerical study of the stress triaxialitydistribution : the case of aluminum and steel

Publication date : 01-04-2015

Production/Maintenance Control of Multiple-Product Manufacturing System,

Publication date : 01-11-2014

The Moroccan entrepreneur: Profile and skills

Publication date : 01-10-2014

Advertising approaches in Moroccan SME : the case of innovation products,

Publication date : 01-10-2014

Joint optimization approach of maintenance planning and production Scheduling for a multiple-product manufacturing system,

Publication date : 01-08-2014

Decision-making tools simulation based for stroke treatment,

Publication date : 01-04-2014

An optimal maintenance/production planning for a multiple-product, single machine production system under failure rate.

Publication date : 01-06-2013

The need to help entrepreneurs to design their vision : proposed method

Publication date : 03-05-2013

Development and optimization of maintenance strategy dependent on production plan for a multi-product system,

Publication date : 03-04-2013

An optimal maintenance/production planning for a manufacturing system under the machine availability and subcontracting constraint

Publication date : 01-06-2012

Optimizing a maintenance policy dependent on production plan and taking into account the subcontracting

Publication date : 01-05-2012

LMI approach for exponential stabilization of continuous-time delayed Takagi-Sugeno systems

Publication date : 01-09-2011

Entrepreneurship training in technologic university by modeling

Publication date : 01-03-2010

Entrepreneurship and innovation in a knowledge economy

Publication date : 01-11-2009

Plastic zone and effective distance under mixed mode fracture -Volumetric approach

Publication date : 01-03-2016

Gold Nanoparticles : synthesis and Polymeric Encapsulation Using Double Emulsion Solvent Process

Publication date : 01-03-2016

Submicron magnetic core conducting polypyrrole polymer shell : Preparation and characterization.

Publication date : 01-12-2015

Ecological electric generator

Publication date : 01-02-2016

Fate of pesticides in the air, water, Fruits and Vegetables in Morocco

Publication date : 01-02-2016


Perspectives on logistics practices in Morocco and Europe 1st Edition

Publication date : 01-12-2015

Submicron Magnetic core conducting polypyrrole polymer shell: preparation and characterization

Publication date : 01-12-2015

A comparative study of electrochemical oxidation of methidation organophosphorous pesticide on SnO2 and boron-doped diamond anodes

Publication date : 01-10-2015

Dispersion of the NOx emissions from chimneys around industrial area: case study of the company CIBEL II

Publication date : 02-07-2015

Perydroxan efficiency against phytopathogenic fungi Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium digitatum (anti-fungal Efficiency of perydroxan for Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium digitatum)

Publication date : 01-06-2015

Assessment of Unhealthy Diets and Unsafe Foods and its Risks to Human Consumers: Public Health Approaches to prevent Chronic Diseases and Food Poisoning among University of Gezira Students, Sudan (2010 -2013)

Publication date : 06-05-2015

The skills of the Moroccan entrepreneur: quantitative validation of a referential

Publication date : 09-05-2015

Elaboration of Nanoparticles Containing Indomethacin: ArganOil for Transdermal Local and Cosmetic Application

Publication date : 01-02-2015

Study of the air pollutants dispersion from several point sources using an improved Gaussian model

Publication date : 02-02-2015

Joint optimization approach of maintenance and production planning for a multiple-product manufacturing system

Publication date : 01-12-2014

Biodegradable Polymer Based Nanoparticles: Dermal and Transdermal Drug Delivery

Publication date : 01-09-2014

Kinetic parameter determination of roasted and unroasted argan oil oxidation under Rancimat test conditions

Publication date : 01-03-2014

Corrosion Behaviour of Tinplate in Synthetic Industrial Water

Publication date : 01-07-2013

Elaboration of Argan Oil Nanocapsules Containing Naproxen for Cosmetic and TransdermalLocal Application

Publication date : 01-07-2012

EMISENS mathematique model and a SIG cououpling to calculate the emissions generated by road traffic in the Greater Casablanca Region

Publication date : 23-05-2012

Argan Oil Nanoemulsions as New HydrophobicDrug-Loaded Delivery System forTransdermal Application

I. Zaanoun et al.

Publication date : 01-10-2012

Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology

Model predictive control during the primary drying stage of lyophilisatio

Publication date : 01-05-2010