The “Entrepreneur Engineer” model has become a future choice in training. In this sense, Polytechnic Agadir has adopted entrepreneurship among its teaching fundamentals. For this, it deploys a dispositive of sensitization, training and support of its engineering students to develop entrepreneurship and improve business creation intention. It also has means of teaching techniques, equipment and appropriate teaching materials.

In terms of teaching, Polytechnic of Agadir is considered among the top engineering schools in Morocco to introduce specific courses on entrepreneurship. In this sense, it provides at the common program for all its engineering students a module entitled “Entrepreneurship for engineer” made of two elements: Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Mounting Business plan.


Start-ups created by our laureates:

Our training approach marked by a strong entrepreneurial sensitization has created several Startups by our students. for example, we quote :
Startup specialized in digital marketing
Created by:  Chajia Aboubaker & Ben Ali Mohamed Achraf

Startup spécialisée dans les solutions IT de gestion
Créée par : Bounejma Imran & Seknoune Hamza

Btikar Media Rabat
Startup specializing in IT management solutions
Created by : Ayaou Mohamed

Pack Foods
Food industry based in Cameroon
Created by : MOURTALA Mohaman

Startup specialized in mobile development
Created by: Khattabi Zakaria & Ahmmouch Amine

Company specialized in electrical services
Created by: Kassou Wissal

BPAS Maroc
Company specializing in industrial engineering
Created by : Hafid Zaanoun

Startup specialized in IT services
Created by : Ait Addi El mokhtar

Startup develops solar kits and leased to households and businesses. Composed of a battery and a voltage regulator, its photovoltaic cells cube-shaped are particularly effective.
Created by : Aubin Ngoua

The bank for business ideas:

As part of an entrepreneurship training module, several projects have been conceived, designed and incubated by our engineering students. Following a bank of ideas developed by our future entrepreneur engineers:

  • Smart Mallette Tools (Keep Tools)
  • Sole Production with GPS tracker
  • Soap donkey milk (Cleopatra)
  • Production and marketing of connected sockets
  • Creating a carpool website (CO-Travel) (CO-Travel)
  • Smart electrical kettle
  • Production and marketing of cover charger for mobile phones (Smart Cover)
  • Creating a barriers provident device
  • Automating the process of obtaining Argan grains (ARRAG Machine)
  • Production of sausage fish eggs
  • Creating a Smart Meter
  • Production and marketing of disposable underwear
  • Creating a disposable barb razor
  • Cerebral Vascular Attack Detector
  • Pastry without sugar
  • Bio sausage with fish mackerel
  • Creation of an electric car

Best business model of the year

The best business model chosen for the 2014/2015 year is “Keep Tools” project or smart tools briefcase. Project designed and developed by:

  • Ghailane Youssef
  • HNIFA Imane
  • JAFOUTE Hanna
  • KIBBOU El Mehdi
  • Yasmine KRIM
  • Asma MARBOU