Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering program trains IT engineers able to innovate, design, implement and manage IT projects. The sector prepares for positions:

  • IT Developer;
  • Information Systems Engineer;
  • Systems Engineer;
  • Engineer Research and Development;
  • Computer Engineering Consultant;
  • IT Project Manager;
  • The posts of teaching and research in specialized institutions;
  • IT management positions in industry, services, agricultural domains and offshoring.

Computer Engineering field program:

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Papa Amadou MBOUP
Computer Engineer at Modellium – Quebec.

Graduated in 2011.

“The combination of managerial skills with technical skills during my studies at Polytechnic Agadir was a strong asset in my new mission. Indeed, by the contemporary challenges, I can say that the school was able to anticipate on its training program in which we find advanced modules in technology, but above all very different modules at the managerial level. A vision perfectly consistent with the reality of today engineering profession”.