Current students

Dear Student,
Welcome to your virtual space where you find most of our educational tools and resources. Want to manage your official email address, access to Moodle platform, learn English online, expand your computer skills with Microsoft IT Academy, browse over 25,000 books in our virtual library, review the information in the Intranet or discover last ads internships and jobs … this space is for you!


The Polytechnic School of Agadir provides to its students and teachers an access to the International ScholarVox virtual library Cyberlibris. The ScholarVox is a platform for e-books in the engineering sciences, economics, management, languages and other areas. The Polytechnic School of Agadir offers to its students, through this platform a wide selection of digital books … Lire plus

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The Polytechnic School of Agadir has implemented this intranet space to allow the student to freely consult in real time the academic calendar, lists of teaching materials and supervised projects depending on the sectors. To access intranet services : Academic Calendar Lists of educational materials Lists of supervisory resources (PFE and Internship) Reviews and schedules … Lire plus

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Having a good level in English, the mother tongue of technologies, will help you to open more future prospects. The Polytechnic School of Agadir offers access to e-learning platform of the British Council to better accommodate the learning of the English language to your initial level. This platform helps you to take the IELTS examination, … Lire plus

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The Polytechnic School of Agadir, mobilizes the latest pedagogical techniques for a high quality education. The Moodle platform aims to facilitate the use of different online resources such as lecture notes, slides, exercises, videos … The Moodle platform also promotes exchanges and interactions between learners and students about educational content. It allows teachers to organize … Lire plus

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Upon registration, every new student has an email address (name. that offers all the functionality of a Gmail address. This mail system, managed by Google servers, allows students to access, from a web terminal or a smartphone, official emails sent by the school management. To access your official mail : Retrieve your mail address … Lire plus

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