Our laureates testify

  • Sara SOUALHI

    Graduated in 2014 Research and Development Engineer

    “I deliberately chose the industrial engineering sector because it proposed the “Food”, which corresponded to my professional project. So it was five years working to give myself every chance to achieve my goal.

    This training gave me an open mind, a vision and a broad knowledge of the agro-industrial world. I was able to acquire both technical and managerial skills that allow me to assure the engineer position in research and development that I currently have, where I practice all the knowledge and management facets acquired during my studies Polytechnic Agadir.

    Besides, thanks to this degree I had the chance to continue my studies in parallel by a specialized master (+6) in Management of industrial systems of INSA Lyon, to expand my palette skills in the industrial field.

    And do not forget the atmosphere of the campus, the diversity of its schools to meet the richness of the original students of different nationalities, the atmosphere and collaboration among student’s different promotions, as the extreme availability of faculty, you make sure to spend some of your best years. I know that you encourage you to get you too!

    I also thank Polytechnic Agadir for the efforts made by both its leadership and teachers have made me what I am today, and which I remains forever grateful.”

  • Hicham DAIZ

    Graduated in 2013 Electrical Engineer at Delphi Packard – Tangier.

    “At the end of my training course, I was held the position of “Product Engineer” for the US company Delphi Packard in Tangier. Our main activity is the design and manufacture of the manufacture of electrical bundles of automotive cars. My training at the Polytechnic Agadir prepared me not only to integrate the world of work but also know its advance sustainable manner”.

  • Abdelhak ERRACHDI

    Graduated in 2009 Mechanical Engineer at Asvent & Asvent – Spain.

    “Thanks to the international network of our school, I had the chance to finish my degree in Mechanical Engineering abroad and meet new opportunities. My international career has allowed me to win the post of Director of customer service at a large manufacturer of armored vehicles and military trucks in Spain. Polytechnic Agadir for me, it is primarily a technical training, a great openness to the world of business, entrepreneurship, innovation and above all a pleasant living experience”.

  • Papa Amadou MBOUP

    Graduated in 2011. Computer Engineer at Modellium – Quebec.

    “The combination of managerial skills with technical skills during my studies at Polytechnic Agadir was a strong asset in my new mission. Indeed, by the contemporary challenges, I can say that the school was able to anticipate on its training program in which we find advanced modules in technology, but above all very different modules at the managerial level. A vision perfectly consistent with the reality of today engineering profession”.

  • Soukaina ELKHADDAJ

    Graduated in 2013 AMG Food Engineer – Casablanca.

    “When I made the choice of food engineering, I followed my passion for an area where you can give free rein to his imagination. My training, both versatile and advanced, gave me the chance to join a dynamic industry where I practice my skills and I evolve every day. At Polytechnic Agadir, the encouragement of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship allow me today to envisage the future with serenity and ambition”.

  • Safa Mezzough

    Graduated 2011 Industrial Engineer Frank's INTERNATIONAL

    “Choosing Polytechnic Agadir is integrating a high quality engineering school, from the first course, I knew that my choice is the best that it either in technical and managerial staff.
    After acquiring my degree in 2013, and thanks to my acquired skills and confidence developed in the school I was recruited as an industrial engineer at Frank’s INTERNATIONAL multinational that deals with oil research worldwide. In 2014 I completed my engineering training with a master outsourced logistics to develop my professional career.
    Universipolis training perfectly fits the profile required by Fanks.
    For my part, I can only express my satisfaction of having integrated Universipolis and followed its training course.”

  • Maryame MOUCHANE

    Graduated 2015 Business Engineer responsible at ACS COMPOSITES

    “The double degree was a crucial step for me in my educational and professional training. The notoriety of Polytechnic Agadir and the University of Lorraine greatly facilitated my employability. I signed a permanent contract with the company composites ACS leader in the plastics industry only a week after leaving final internship study.
    The engineer responsible business that I occupy within the ACS composites obviously requires a broad range of skills among others: master the technical knowledge of the product and analyze technical documents, establish the technical and commercial offers and track business. And project management, inventory management, procurement and logistics part, and make site visits and make new orders ….
    As a Polytechnic industrial engineer my professional adaptation was easy given the comprehensive learning and dynamic in the school. The appearance of “generalist” engineering was always present.
    One thing is certain: if you are a student of the Polytechnic you reinvent the future …”

  • Anas El Hachimi

    Graduated in 2009 Business Engineer at Movitech

    “Having opted for a double degree program at Polytechnic Agadir, I developed a dual profile: industrial engineering option production and Master in Logistics. Both programs have allowed me to develop my skills well on the labor market and to choose a company that allows me to grow in my field of specialization. At Movitech, my mission is to advise and support customers wishing to develop their logistics management with a range of technical solutions. After a few months of professional activities, I find that training at Polytechnic Agadir has developed among us not only technical skills but also the essential managerial skills in the exercise of our profession.”

  • Abdel Ali ECH-CHAOUJ

    Graduated 2009 Industrial Engineer at MARPEX- Agadir.

    “Holder of Industrial Engineering degree from Polytechnic Agadir and logistics Master from Metz University, I was able to integrate the industrial world and easily move in various positions of responsibility. Academic experiences and projects that we had to perform at Polytechnic Agadir gave us the opportunity to create a network and to better understand the world of work. It is now, in retrospect, I recognize the high quality of the training that I followed”.

  • PAM Abdelnasser

    Graduated 2016 Materials and Production Management

    “Thanks to the versatility of the learning modules instilled during my studies at the Polytechnic of Agadir, Industrial Engineering sector, I could easily integrate the Ecole des Mines de Nancy, one of its prestigious international partners. Having opted for training materials and production management, and using solid foundation acquired during my three years of study at the Polytechnic of Agadir, Major I was in my class at school mines. My success allowed me today to recognize the efforts made by management to train its students and to help them integrate the international network.”