The Professional Master Degree "Law and Management of Energy and Sustainable Development" at the University of Strasbourg, delivered in double graduation with the Polytechnic school of Agadir, allows engineers and managers to take into account the logic of sustainable development and to learn energy management regarding the current need of economic actors. This management involves controlling energy expenditure and improving energy efficiency.
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The new Master program "Industrial Systems Engineering" course Production systems and logistics, allows to equip students and professional skills necessary for the organization of the global chain of logistics. This new program is reinforced through fun and effective educational games, and a set of industrial simulation software strongly applied in business.
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IT Security

The Professional Master “Computing” course “Computer Security” provides students advanced skills on designing, development and implementation of security policies and strategies for information systems. His delocalization at Polytechnic Agadir is the fruit of over 18 years of cooperation between Universiapolis and the University of Lorraine. This Master also benefits from the expertise of the Luxembourg LIST Research Center.
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