Unité de recherche URIB

Permanent members :

  • – Jaafar MOUHYI PROFESSEUR (Responsable de laboratoire)
  • – Soumaya ELAKIL DOCTEUR
  • – Boujmaa NACIRI DOCTEUR

Description of the research activity :

Biomaterials Laboratory provides a research platform to study implantable materials in the human body whether they are under rehabilitation of any disability or therapeutic virtue. These materials being mainly metals, ceramics or composite materials, have their own physico-chemicall and mechanical qualities.

In Biomaterials laboratory are initiated studies on the surface states of these biomaterials, their resistance to chemical, mechanical or wear corrosion. Modern Biomaterials need expertise in the physical, chemical, biological and engineering sciences.

The presence of a Biomaterials Department within a polytechnic school has naturally imposed itself on our educational system to meet the growing challenges and demands of modern medicine and biology.

– Surface analysis to assess the degree of contamination and quality of surface oxides of biomaterials
– Fatigue test to improve the alloys intended for the prostheses Test of tightness and adaptation of the prosthetic parts subjected to forces of carbide or shear fold
– Optical microscopy
– Nanotechnologies in the biomedical.